From a good idea to reality

Venture City was founded with the aim of making Horsens the perfect city in which to set up a new business. The city’s businesses, previous start-ups and the city’s incubator environments joined forces to establish Venture City in order to give the city’s next generation of businesses a good start.


To this end, Venture City has set up a mentoring scheme to provide start-ups with advice and feedback and has established a Business Angel Network to help raise capital for new companies. Venture City also shares out ‘KarmaKapital’, a scheme providing modest donations to young start-ups to lend a helping hand with their business ideas.

Business Angels

20 Business Angels are active members of Venture City, Horsens. Business Angels are involved in funding start-ups.

Business Angels are usually entrepreneurs themselves and may now have capital because they have sold their business. They are looking to invest in new companies and, in many cases, they lend their knowledge, commitment and expertise.

Business Angels often join forces to invest in a company, and this can be of benefit to both parties: the company acquires more knowledge and the investors achieve greater risk diversification.

Pitch meetings

Business Angels gather four times a year for pitch meetings. The start-ups pitch their business idea in the hope of attracting investors who will sponsor their idea.

How do you prepare to pitch?
There are typically five steps on the path to a perfect pitch


  1. Schedule an introductory meeting with Venture City’s business coach Jan Lindegaard.
    Or send an email to:
  2. At the meeting, we talk about what you need to do to get your business idea ready to pitch.
We may ask you to submit a presentation, outlining the basis for your business idea.
  3. Venture City’s board of directors decides which business ideas will be invited to pitch at the next meeting.
  4. You will then be assigned one or two mentors who will invite you to one or two meetings for pitch training.
  5. You pitch your business idea at a pitch meeting.
    You have eight minutes for your pitch. Business Angels can ask questions after your presentation. After this, interested Business Angels will visit you at your own table to ask further questions or make suggestions.

About two weeks after you have presented your pitch, you may be invited to a meeting with interested Business Angels to discuss investment and collaboration opportunities. You may then enter into an agreement on investment.


Venture City also gives donations to start-ups. Donations are typically between DKK 10,000 and 25,000 and can be used to realise a business idea, e.g. for manufacturing or testing a prototype. If people are interested in purchasing your pro¬duct, they may have suggestions for product improvements.

KarmaKapital should be considered a pat on the back, reward¬ing your initiative and drive. And there are no strings attached. KarmaKapital is awarded by Venture City’s board of directors.


Get a mentor

40 experienced professionals from the business sector are attached to Venture City as mentors. They offer ambitious start-ups advice, discussion and feedback.

Most of these mentors have either started a business themselves or have assisted an established organisation with its commercial and managerial development.

Start-ups can be assigned a mentor who will give advice and feedback on their business idea. Venture City is happy to help match you up with the right mentor. It is then up to you and the mentor to enter into an agreement. You may have two or three meetings with this mentor and then realise that you need different input and expertise, which can be supplied by a second mentor.

All that is required of you is a commitment to work with your business idea – and that you take the collaboration seriously.


Apply now!

We would like you to send us your contact informations:

*Name, *Email, *Phone and *Name of your company/project.

What do you seek? KarmaKapital, a mentor or business angels?

If you are looking for a mentor, you may write which field of experience you seek.

When you are seeking KarmaKapital or Business Angel investments please describe your business idea and where you are in your process to realize it.

Finally how can KarmaKapital or an investment contribute to your business, which kind of challenge or activity?


Send your application to:


We will contact you soon after we have received your application
– often to make an appointment for a meeting